Leadership Coaching™


Leadership is the competitive advantage of all great corporations, past and present. Over the past 25 years, we have advanced the science of optimizing performance in senior executives and their teams in our work with influential leaders at some of the world’s largest organizations.

Leadership Coaching relationships are structured such that senior executives have priority and reserved capacity with one of our executive coaches. This time can be used to meet a broad range of needs in order to drive growth and performance in your organization.

Working with our team of seasoned leaders and having access to our most powerful professional development tools helps senior executives focus on professional and personal development in order to leverage team talent to its fullest potential.


  • Receive one-on-one coaching based on feedback from the Flippen Profile, multiplying your impact as a leader.
  • Understand the strengths and constraints of your team.
  • Compare team data against our database of high-performing leaders and get recommendations to fill any gaps.
  • Discuss important talent decisions based on behavioral fit and alignment, mitigating the risk of mis-hires and misallocation of talent.
  • Develop and implement a data-driven strategy to grow the leadership ability of your direct reports.
  • Gather Flippen Profile data on new hires, direct reports, and other senior leaders within the organization, along with a debrief of the data.
  • Define an enhanced succession plan through analysis of key leaders’ Flippen Profile data.
  • Unpack insights and implement growth strategies outlined in customized leadership reports.


We  move from diagnosis to prescription by working closely with you to build a customized individual growth plan. This plan will celebrate your inner wiring and also provide strategic adjustments to your behaviors that can propel you into even greater success and personal fulfillment.

Many people tell us the one-on-one session to debrief their Flippen Profile with an executive coach is the most powerful 60 minutes they’ve ever experienced, providing personal validation while also ensuring ownership and acceptance of accountability for personal growth.

We develop coaching packages based on your needs, scope and schedule. There are a variety of options that specifically target mid- and senior-level leaders within organizations. Packages can be designed for individuals or teams, and our customized packages give leaders at all levels both an experienced coach and unique tools to accelerate performance.