Capturing Kids’ Hearts

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Transforming classrooms and campuses into high-achieving centers of learning where kids really want to attend.

“If you have a child’s heart, you have their mind” is the core belief of Flip Flippen, founder and chairman of the Flippen Group, NY Times best-selling author, and nationally-recognized speaker. Read below to learn how the behavioral skills and processes taught by the Flippen Group lead to dramatic transformation in education systems nationwide.



Many of our students today come to school wearing invisible backpacks. They carry with them unreasonable expectations, stress from home, hunger, abuse, loneliness. We all know, and the research proves, that these items weigh heavily on students and can greatly impede their educational progress. We also know that if teachers can create a relational connection to students, or in Flippen Group terms, “Capture Kids’ Hearts,” performance goes way up, and behaviors greatly improve because kids want to be in school. Students are not the only ones with invisible backpacks. Teachers, staff, and administrators all have challenges they face as well. Some carry stress, overwhelming responsibilities, or unreasonable expectations of students and other staff members. When the Flippen Group helps build a school culture that is relational and tends to the social-emotional needs of students and educators, it’s proven that campuses, districts, and entire communities can be transformed. Kids want to be in classrooms where teachers know how to connect with them and make them feel valued.


All communities, whether inner city, suburban, or rural, are facing many similar challenges. Children and teens are hurting and at risk. Educators are heavily burdened and in need of tools and techniques to help. Capturing Kids’ Hearts offers an integrated solution that turns these situations around and shines a light of hope.




Thunderbolt Middle School



Wasilla High School


Increased Graduation Rates

Taft High School

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When kids and teachers are connected, there is a significant positive transformational effect on the 5 key indicators of school performance:

1. Decreased Discipline Referrals

2. Increased Student Achievement

3. Increased Attendance Rates

4. Increased Graduation Rates

5. Increased Teacher Satisfaction



Systemic transformation takes leadership, mentorship, accountability, and commitment.

• District and campus leadership must model desired behaviors and hold their teams accountable for living out transformational behaviors and processes. (Leadership Blueprint) • All campus educators can acquire specific socio-emotional learning techniques and classroom facilitation tools. Once equipped, they will be able to peak student interest, establish collaborative agreements of behavior in every classroom, create high performing groups, increase pro-social skills, create more time on-task, and increase student performance. (Capturing Kids’ Hearts 1, Capturing Kids’ Hearts 2, Coaching Greatness) • Mentors, or in Flippen Group terms, “Process Champions,” will learn how to support and encourage teammates in using the learned skills and processes. (Process Champions) • Every faculty member must be committed to utilizing the processes and techniques until breakthrough occurs. (TrAction Pacs and Capturing Kids’ Hearts Recharge events)

Results will be evident in the short term, but a multi-year plan may be required for true transformation to occur.


The Flippen Group measures results and tracks improvement on the success factors that impact campus performance. When our model process is implemented with fidelity, the transformation is incredible. You can see it, hear it, and feel it! When your campus reaches the high performing cultural tipping point, your school may qualify for nomination as a Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase School. A few highlights include:


For more than 25 years, Capturing Kids’ Hearts processes have been making a measurable impact on campuses nationwide. We hope you will join us as we reach another generation. Contact our team today to see about events in your area and how you can experience firsthand the transformation that comes through Capturing Kids’ Hearts.