Elevating Classrooms Through Social-Emotional Safety.


Developing social-emotional safety to elevate student performance.

Teachers can’t always control what comes into their classrooms, but they can learn to create an environment that transforms “problem” classrooms into high-achieving centers of learning.

The typical classroom comprises students with diverse family backgrounds, expectations for behavior, and cultural vocabularies, randomly assembled into a cohort and required to learn together. Too often, the impact of peer pressure and outside influences create a culture and climate that passively or even actively resists learning.

We equip and empower teachers with the tools necessary to transform classrooms from disruptive, reactive environments into places where put-downs and criticism dissipate and students’ minds become actively engaged in learning. Something marvelous happens when a student feels understood: openness replaces defensiveness. Social barriers dissipate. Judging and feelings of being judged are replaced with acceptance and a real connectedness to the school. Their hearts open, their minds engage, and they want to learn.


Even the best teachers struggle with difficult behaviors. Instead of teaching reading, writing, and mathematics, too often teachers face complex behavioral issues with students who are not prepared or motivated to learn. A typical classroom relies on a teacher to govern behavior and require compliance with rules, or students face disciplinary consequences such as detention, suspension, or even expulsion. However, with proper training and skills, teachers can establish a classroom that systematically manages disciplinary issues.

We help teachers who are frustrated or discouraged and equip them with the tools they need to turn “problem” classrooms into problem-solving havens of learning.

Our processes strengthen students’ connectedness to others through enhancing healthy bonds with teachers and establishing collaborative agreements of acceptable behavior. Teachers trained in our processes create an atmosphere where students connect and take responsibility for their emotions, words and actions, stop seeing each other as adversaries, and become partners in resolving conflict. Then, without behavioral distractions, teachers are free to engage students who would otherwise be unwilling or unable to focus on the lesson.

This learning process inevitably affects students’ lives beyond the classroom and has a positive impact on their ability to develop healthy relationships in all areas of their lives.

Winning Classrooms

2. Administrators

Schools that implement our processes not only stem the tide of declining performance, but reverse it. These schools immerse students, teachers, and administrators in an intentional culture that promotes a new level of achievement. When school administrators provide ongoing training for teachers in our processes, it infuses the entire school with a sense of loyalty, belonging, and enthusiasm for learning.

The widespread impact of our processes reads like a wish list for school administrators. Teachers report a higher rate of job satisfaction, while schools see a dramatic reduction in truancy. Administrators report district-wide impact with improvements in test scores, reduced disciplinary escalations, fewer dropouts, and a reduction of negative behaviors such as isolation, violence, early sexuality, and substance use. Administrators implementing our processes in the classroom also report a significant improvement in teacher recruiting and retention.

With our processes in place, administrators can allocate more resources, including their own time, to creating a positive atmosphere where teachers and students flourish.

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Turn your “problem” classrooms into “problem-solving” centers of learning.

Our solutions have already dramatically elevated the academic and behavioral standards of millions of students in thousands of classrooms.

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