October 11–11, 2019 – COLORADO SPRINGS, CO

Teachers face a formidable challenge

Teachers face a formidable challenge: they must raise the bar on student performance while competing against social, environmental, and outside pressures as never before. While researchers and district personnel work to determine the most effective curricula, teachers struggle to manage classrooms.

Because Capturing Kids’ Hearts presents so many transformational ideas and techniques, we encourage schools to reinforce these methods to maintain momentum.

Solving the challenge

For use only with systemic packages, Capturing Kids’ Hearts 1 Process Champions is a two-day package. Day one is a participatory experience that empowers key teaching faculty and campus leaders to reinforce vital skills and processes. Day two is customizable and can serve to train a second group of up to 30 participants or as an on-site campus TrAction visit. Capturing Kids’ Hearts 1 Process Champions participants receive additional instruction to assist and support their peers, forming the Capturing Kids’ Hearts 1 Process Champions team on campus. The team helps their colleagues apply and master all aspects of Capturing Kids’ Hearts, leading to permanent transformation of the culture and climate of their classrooms, campuses, and district.

participant Outcomes

The Capturing Kids’ Hearts 1 Process Champions team learns to:

  • Mentor colleagues in implementing Capturing Kids’ Hearts concepts and skills.
  • Respond to peers’ questions about how to handle specific student situations.
  • Model key skills and behaviors.
  • Support peers in developing their own self-managing groups.
  • Keep the fires of devotion to the Capturing Kids’ Hearts processes burning on their campus.
  • Utilize IHeartCKH resources to reinforce concepts and skills including:
    • Teacher Tips
    • LeadWorthy Moments curriculum supplement
    • CKH Cloud resource library


Capturing Kids’ Hearts 1 Process Champions+ is an immersive, participatory experience. We empower participants with the skills and techniques needed to support and mentor their colleagues. Capturing Kids’ Hearts 1 Process Champions+ is devoted to establishing strategies for continuing momentum for Capturing Kids’ Hearts.