Stanley Leone Jr.

Stanley Leone Jr.

Leadership Solutions Strategist

Inspired by a high school teacher, Stanley Leone Jr. has invested over twenty years of his life with the Flippen Group, helping teachers to impact kids the way his teacher impacted him. Stressing that he’s not an expert, but a product, Stanley is here to share about the challenges of growing up in poverty, and the impact a teacher had in leading him away from a dysfunctional life.

Stanley earned his bachelor’s degree from Saint Xavier University (Chicago) while on football and academic scholarships, graduating magna cum laude with a degree in English literature and a minor in religious studies. He was recognized as an all-American scholar, an academic all-American, who’s who in colleges and universities, a four-year presidential scholarship recipient, as well as a multiple-year recipient of the national dean’s list. Stanley was a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the presidential evaluation board, the new campus housing board, the service club, and sports editor for the Xavierite Paper.

Stanley received his graduate degree from Concordia University (Portland), finishing with a 4.0 average in educational leadership. In 2014, he was given the Outstanding Educator James Umstattd Award by Phi Delta Kappa in Austin, Texas.

The first seventeen years of Stanley’s life were filled with insecurities, abuse, confusion, and poverty on the south side of Houston, Texas. Monda Simmons, his Teen Leadership teacher at South Houston High School, captured Stanley’s heart and gave him an opportunity to be different – to be better. She became the first appropriate adult he allowed into his life, as well as an anchor of support, guidance, and encouragement beyond high school. Inspired by her commitment, Stanley’s lifelong goal is to help teachers make the same kind of impact in children’s lives as Monda made in his.

At the age of twenty-three, Stanley became a full-time Leadership Solutions Strategist with the Flippen Group. He has keynoted alongside Flip Flippen at some of the largest educational conferences in the nation, including the American Association of School Administrators and the National Association of Elementary School Principals as well as dozens of state-level keynotes, and was also a spokesperson for the US Navy’s national Accelerate Your Life campaign. Stanley has shared the tragedy and triumph of his life with over 750,000 people for over twenty years. He has unique insight into a childhood plagued with inappropriate adults, wrong choices, institutionalization, conviction, and the relationships that fueled his desire and ultimate decision to change. Stressing that he’s “not an expert – he’s a product,” Stanley reminds us of the power relationships have to change lives. “Although you can’t save the world, you can change it – one person at a time.”

Stanley and his wife Cheryl, an elementary school principal, live on Long Island with their dog and two cats, where they can be found celebrating a beautiful life!



Posted January 22, 2016

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"I’d been asleep my entire life, and woke to find a teacher showing me the way.”

Stanley Leone Jr.