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[Forbes] The most effective leaders are vulnerable — are you?

[Forbes] The most effective leaders are vulnerable — are you?

By Flippen Group

5 years ago




As leaders, we rarely admit our fears.

We’re concerned about what people will think.

We struggle with our doubts alone: Do I have what it takes? What should I do about this? Who can I safely ask for help?

Research shows that we all long for leaders with the courage to be vulnerable, to admit the obvious — they don’t have it all together.

Dr. Brené Brown is a best-selling author, a research professor at the University of Houston, and an expert on vulnerability in leadership. In an interview by Forbes, she states, “Vulnerability is basically uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.”

Uncertainty. Risk. Emotional exposure.

As a leader, why in the world would I sign up for that?

Because, as Dr. Brown suggests, vulnerability is where we come alive. It’s the place where we find freedom from the fear of worrying about what other people “see or think” of us.

Dr. Brown observes that all of us are “hungry for people who have the courage to say, ‘I need help’ or ‘I own that mistake.’”

These are the kind of leaders we all want to follow.

Yet most of us don’t have the courage to lead that way!

How about you? Are you ready to be the kind of leader who is honest about your strengths, and equally as honest and vulnerable about your counterproductive behavior patterns?

Your team wants you to be honest, real, and vulnerable with them.

At Teamalytics, we use analytics and coaching to help you and your team eliminate your counterproductive behaviors so you can hit your goals, have more fun, and earn more.

And this works best when leaders and teams are willing to become vulnerable with each other.

Are you willing to model this kind of behavior, to help your team get better results?

Over the last 25 years, we have collected and analyzed behavioral data from more than half-a-million people in many of the largest, most respected organizations in the world including Fortune 500 companies, professional championships sports teams, private equity firms, Olympians, and a variety of military units.

We’ve learned that top-performing leaders in every walk of life are willing to identify, own, and deal with their counterproductive behaviors.

They’re willing to be vulnerable, to change, and to grow. They’re willing to be the kind of leader we all want to follow.

Are you willing to identify and eliminate your counterproductive behaviors so that you and your team can hit your goals, have more fun, and earn more?

If so, contact us!

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