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Why your team sees you MUCH differently than you see yourself.

Why your team sees you MUCH differently than you see yourself.

By Flippen Group

6 years ago




Do you know how important accurate self-awareness is to your executive career?

A recent Cornell University study of senior executives at companies with revenues from $50 million to $5 billion concluded that, “A high self-awareness score was the strongest predictor of overall success.”

Self-awareness can be the difference between growing revenue and profitability — or not.

Are you self-aware? Or do you just think you are?

According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, while “most people believe they are self-aware,” only 10-15% of those studied “actually fit the criteria.”

Most leaders have an incomplete definition of what self-awareness really is. Self-awareness certainly includes knowing about your internal world: core values, aspirations, emotions, strengths, weaknesses, personality, and the like.

But it also includes something even more important when it comes to your leadership:

External self-awareness — an awareness of how you impact those around you.

Not only is external self-awareness arguably more important than internal self-awareness, it is more frequently neglected.

Too many leaders never get answers to these critical questions:

  • How does my leadership style affect people’s performance?
  • Am I effectively managing my emotions to create the best outcome with others?
  • Do my behaviors empower people or shut them down?

External self-awareness involves knowing what others think about your behavior patterns. For example, do the people you work with think you are:

  • Too aggressive or not aggressive enough?
  • Deferential or stubborn?
  • Overly-critical or tolerant?
  • Task-focused or relational?
  • Change-oriented or resistant?
  • Strategic or impulsive?
  • Arrogant or collaborative?

Many senior leaders completely misjudge their impact on others.

Research has shown that the higher a leader moves up in an organization, the less aware of their impact they become. They overestimate the importance of their skills and abilities and fail to adequately consider the social-emotional effect of their behavior.

To increase your external self-awareness, you need valid data from the people you lead.

And that’s where the Flippen Profile comes in.

Our scientifically-validated, 360-degree assessment creates a detailed picture of how your team sees you versus how you see yourself, using more than 30 behavioral scales and targets formulated from data on many of the world’s best leaders and managers.

In short, we can help you develop the level of external self-awareness that correlates to executive success. Contact us.

Or join our webinar: “Solving the 5 Pervasive Team Challenges.” Register HERE.

You’ll discover how to:

  1. Optimize your high-performing teams by bringing scientific precision to your hiring and selection process and duplicating the behavior of your top-performers.

  2. Accelerate your high-potential team members by breaking their behavioral constraints and increasing their leadership capacity.

  3. Navigate change initiatives successfully with your team by quantifying your team members’ change tolerance and leading with behavioral precision.

  4. Fast-forward newly formed teams by measuring psychological safety and proactively managing behavior.

  5. Manage contentious teams and take control of your conflict costs by precisely identifying and eliminating toxic, systemic behaviors.

For more than 25 years, the Flippen Group has leveraged neuroscience, psychometrics, and adult-learning technologies to bring out the best in Fortune 500 companies, school districts, government organizations, and professional sports teams. We use analytics and coaching to help your team eliminate counterproductive behaviors, have fun, hit goals, and earn bonuses.

Learn how to overcome the “5 Pervasive Team Challenges” [Free Report]

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