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Hudson Energy Vice President Chris Duzich On The Flippen Group

Hudson Energy Vice President Chris Duzich On The Flippen Group

By General Robert Van Antwerp

9 years ago




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Hi there, leaders! My name is General Robert Van Antwerp, a retired three-star general from the US Army. Today I want to share with you a message by Christopher Duzich, senior vice president of Hudson Energy, on his experience with the Flippen Group. Enjoy this message, and I’ll be back with you in a few minutes!

I first engaged the Flippen Group when I took over a very well established team that, unfortunately, was successful, but working in silos. My objective for the Flippen Group was to create some context for us to work together as a team and collaborate. I found that the Flippen process created some quick ability for us to be honest and transparent. It’s been obvious over the course of the last year, as we’ve worked together, that we’re able to be more effective, not just within our group, but leading the organization. I’ve even had executive VPs and even my CEO ask, “Why is your team so good at solving problems or getting through things quickly?” And I always go back to the fact that we’re all actively working traction plans, and we’re communicating regularly about ways that we can improve and be more effective.

I think one of the strengths of the Flippen Group is the fact that they’ve got a tool that provides non-threatening feedback to employees and high performers in a way that it creates a dialogue or a context to talk about how to improve the performance of not just a team, but the individual members. The power of the Flippen profile is we’re able to evaluate not just our individual constraints, but also our team-level constraints. As we grow our organization and build new teams, we can begin to look for people that fit within that framework and strengthen us where we’re weak.

It’s powerful when you think about the cost of hiring an employee, training them, and getting them on-boarded. Unfortunately, those decisions can lead to lost costs and lost employees. The profile allows you to at least predict how their behaviors are going to interact with your team. I would say that the predictive value of the profile is immeasurable. On a daily basis, you can watch as we strengthen our team by not just hiring and placing the right people, but working as a team on our constraints as a group.

I like to talk about how I optimize the leadership within our team, and what does that yield? It yields not just a more effective leadership group, but a more productive company. It allows our employees to feel comfortable – that they can freely discuss areas they want to improve in and know that we’ll invest in those improvements, as well.

I would say, anyone who is considering using the Flippen Group should think about the amount of value that’s in those employees. Frankly, just think about the amount of money that you spend on your payroll for all of your employees, and what a little incremental five- to ten-percent additional production would do for them. Further, think about turnover and the cost of turnover. Our employees are the most important parts of our companies, whether you make widgets or you sell cars or software. The employees are the front line. Think about all the money you invest in research and development, and innovation. I’d encourage you to invest in the innovation and development of your employees, and give them these tools. And the Flippen Group has a proven track record with Fortune 50 companies of helping develop leadership teams that are champions and are highly successful. So, I’d encourage you – if you’re considering moving to the next level with your team – to engage the Flippen Group and just sit back and be ready to have your team grow and blossom under your leadership.

Well, I hope you enjoyed hearing from Christopher Duzich! If you found this talk helpful, please do us a favor. Click the Like button to share it with your friends. So, let’s continue the conversation below. We’d love to hear from you! Take care, and I’ll see you soon.

General Robert Van Antwerp

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