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The 5 Laws of Personal Constraints: Law 4

The 5 Laws of Personal Constraints: Law 4

By Flip Flippen

10 years ago




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Law Four: Personal Constraints Are Role Specific

I was born with dyscalcula, a math learning disability. Can you imagine what would happen if I were an accountant?

My struggle with numbers would not make me a good hire for that job. I’d probably plunge the company into bankruptcy and land the entire management team in prison. While behaviors tend to leak into every compartment of life, paradoxically, they become constraints only when they get in the way of attaining specific goals.

The impact of our constraints can vary depending on what role or context we are in. Behavior that restricts us in one area might be an asset in another. A junior-high-school teacher, for example, will have a lot more trouble with a high level of aggression when he’s teaching math class than when he’s coaching football after school, although his aggression will need to be managed in every area of life. Being methodically analytical probably helps a physician in private practice but can be a hindrance for someone in a fast-moving sales or marketing position and an irritation in relationships, where majoring in minor issues can wear thin pretty fast.

Having low aggression doesn’t work for a race-car driver, and having low self-confidence doesn’t work for a heart surgeon. I don’t want to have a teacher who is low nurturing, nor do I want to have an accountant who thrives on creativity. Our personal constraints are role specific—pure and simple.

To understand our constraints fully, we must consider them in terms of the various roles we play in life. We need to evaluate each constraint in context and determine whether it is keeping us from performing our best in a given position or situation.


Flip Flippen

Whether working with Olympic athletes, professional money managers, or military leaders, Flip Flippen’s mission is the same: “To build relationships and processes that bring out the best in people.” He has applied this goal with hundreds of thousands of individuals, providing executive development and organizational consulting in four sectors: education, corporate, sports, and government. With an emphasis on changing behaviors and attitudes that stand in the way of success, he has helped organizations – from small rural school districts to Fortune 500 companies – achieve dramatic improvement in performance, leadership, trust, and productivity. Flip is the founder and president of the Flippen Group, started in 1990, voted the number two company to work for in Texas by Texas Monthly magazine. Today, the Flippen Group is one of the largest educator training companies and one of the fastest-growing leadership development organizations in North America. Their breakthrough educational processes and curricula are in use at thousands of school districts and campuses nationwide.

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