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Be a Copy Cat!

Be a Copy Cat!

By General Robert Van Antwerp

11 years ago




Someone once said: “People seldom improve when they have no model but themselves to copy.”  I have been fortunate because I’ve had several outstanding mentors to learn from and copy!  Truth is, I’ve gone further both personally and professionally than I thought I could because they thought I could!

They were brains to pick, ears that would listen, examples to copy, and were always pushing me in the right direction.  They weren’t perfect (and neither am I!) but they were intentional and committed to my growth and development.  They modeled everything they were teaching me and held me accountable—a mutual commitment.  They lived their lives out in front of me, sharing what they had learned about ethics, about business, about family, about life, about leadership.

Their “mentorship” began in a group context, but evolved into a very personal relationship with special attention.  We met frequently and regularly.  Their training was far more practical than hypothetical.  Many times they said, “Okay, now go out and try it and let me know how it goes!”  They put a premium on putting me in position to experience it for myself.

The result of all this is that I am now more equipped to mentor others.  My personal mission is to serve others by igniting a passion for leadership and living a purposeful life like my mentors did.  I “get to” do this at The Flippen Group whose mission is to grow great people by building relationships and processes that bring out the best in them.

Several of my mentors have passed away but their legacy lives in me.  Guess that’s what they meant when they taught me the multiplication effect of investing your life in others!  I hope you have a mentor or two that you are copying and that you are a mentor for others!

General Robert Van Antwerp

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