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Instead of being something to everyone, be everything to someone!

Instead of being something to everyone, be everything to someone!

By Chris Maheu

11 years ago




Building deep relationships with people is very important and often taken for granted.  Most people meander through the day without a specific plan on improving the relationships with those around them.  Their day consists of attending staff meetings, responding to emails, answering the phone, confirming the travel plans, etc.  In essence, you get caught up in the “ebb and flow” of the day and forget about the person sitting in the office next to you.

When your day is built around tending to the needs of others, you are still able to manage the “blocking and tackling” of the day, but with an enhanced purpose.  Be intentional!  Focus on shared experiences, have good eye contact, listen to the opinions of others, give affirmations when deserved, apologize when appropriate, and become open to giving and receiving feedback.  Make others feel like they are the most important person in the world during your conversations!

As I coach professionals in the corporate world, I frequently ask, would you rather work for someone who says, “What have you done for me lately?” or someone who asks, “What can I do for you today?”  The answer is inevitably the latter.  When we approach our day with a servant attitude and focus our attention on being everything to someone, you will connect with your co-worker or employee in special and memorable way.

Relational Leadership is when people choose to perform because of the value placed on the relationship.

Chris Maheu

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