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[HBR] Some of your behaviors are derailing your career

[HBR] Some of your behaviors are derailing your career

By Flippen Group

6 years ago




We’ve all known executives who have derailed or blown-up their careers by the way they behaved. (Jeff Skilling or Martha Stewart come to mind as extreme cases.)

But, have you ever asked yourself if you are vulnerable to a similar fate?

Many leaders end up in a ditch despite having received numerous opportunities along the way to recognize and change the behavior patterns endangering their progress.

For example, your colleagues may point out your defensiveness, harshness, passivity, arrogance, or negativity.

You may get early warnings in the form of getting passed over for promotions and raises.

The luckiest leaders receive the opportunity to overcome counterproductive behaviors through executive coaching.

Yet, despite such opportunities, too many people fail to recognize and own their counterproductive behavior patterns, much less make the needed changes.

According to the Harvard Business Review, there are several tell-tale signs that an executive is unlikely to get the help they need to change until it’s too late.

First, they blame external factors for their problems rather than taking personal responsibility for their failures and shortcomings. This causes them to ignore any critical feedback that doesn’t line up with their current self-concept.

Second, they won’t make time to get help. Even if executive coaching is required of them, they don’t genuinely engage the process. They wear busyness as a badge of honor and use it as an excuse for avoiding coaching sessions or the follow-up actions.

Third, they look for quick-tips and shortcuts to success rather than digging into the root causes of the counterproductive behaviors threatening their careers.

How about you?

Are you aware of any behavior patterns that have the potential to derail your career?

If so, do you have behavioral data that reveals precisely what these patterns are and how to change them?

The Flippen Profile provides a scientifically validated, 360-degree view of your behavior that’s hard to dismiss or ignore.

Are any of your team members exhibiting career-threatening behavior patterns despite your best efforts to help them?

The Profile makes it virtually impossible for your team members to deflect feedback they may receive because it provides subjective and validated data from colleagues.

For example, you won’t have to prove to a colleague that their emotions often get the best of them. Their high Aggressiveness and low Self-Control scales on the Profile will make that obvious.

When using the Profile, you don’t have to work nearly as hard to get that colleague to see that they are too stubborn or arrogant. Their low Self-Critical and low Deference scales will make that clear.

You see, the story is in the data. But getting the data is just the beginning of the journey for you and your team.

After you have your behavioral data, you need an experienced coach to help you create a personalized growth plan and keep you moving forward on your leadership journey…and keep you out of the ditch.

We can help. Contact us!

Flippen Group

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