Capturing Kids’ Hearts

Capturing Kids’ Hearts has already dramatically elevated the academic and behavioral standards for millions of students in thousands of classrooms across America.

How Can I Get Engaged Kids and Happy Teachers?

Culture and climate is the backbone for creating a truly great classroom. With this one step, Capturing Kids’ Hearts not only improves classroom culture, but also impacts student performance, attendance rates, discipline, and so much more!


What Makes a Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase School?

Flip Flippen, creator of the Capturing Kids’ Hearts process, is off to Alaska to visit with two winners of the Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools awards! These schools have embraced this process with such fidelity that they have changed their school and the lives of their students!


This is Capturing Kids’ Hearts!

Capturing Kids’ Hearts is a two-day training where you’ll learn how to build high-performing teams in your classroom and become part of a high-performing team with the other participants. You’ll be excited about your classroom’s potential and equipped with tools so you will love teaching, now more than ever!


Flip Flippen Keynote Highlight Reel